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In order to share my love of particularly the late-Victorian and Edwardian eras, I have created a series of blogs – my “Elegantly” series.

I am very much a woman ‘out of time’.  For me, ‘home’ is predominantly British/American, and anytime from the 1840s to the 1940s (but mostly late-Victorian to Edwardian).

Since I have yet to discover how to transport myself back in time (although I am still working on it!), I am doing the next best thing and sharing what I know and learn about this period in history I love.

Hopefully, my blogs will bring a little bit of the elegance from the nineteenth century to what we call the modern age – and in the process will make you smile.

They are also really just my way to capture in one space so many of the lovely ideas, and pieces of information I come across that connect me to a time gone by in which I feel ‘at home’.

Elegantly Built

www.ElegantlyBuilt.com – focused on glorious buildings from the Edwardian period and prior

Elegantly Creative

www.ElegantlyCreative.com – where I share some of my own creative endeavours

Elegantly Curious

www.ElegantlyCurious.com – focused on interesting and little known facts from history

Elegantly Grown

www.ElegantlyGrown.com – all about heritage gardening

Elegantly Mannered

www.ElegantlyMannered.com – keeping etiquette alive and well

Elegantly Pondering

www.ElegantlyPondering.com – my general musings

Elegantly Tempting

www.ElegantlyTempting.com – delicious food, recipes, and the art of garnishment

Elegantly Travelled

www.ElegantlyTravelled.com – travel from the age of steam and horsepower

Elegantly Vintage

www.ElegantlyVintage.com – my own personal take on living a vintage-inspired life

Elegantly Written

www.ElegantlyWritten.com – the power and elegance of the written word