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How to achieve ‘Abundance’?

Various dictionaries suggest ‘achievement‘ is the positive result of hard work or special effort – but despite working hard and putting in the effort, not everyone achieves.


Those same dictionaries suggest ‘abundance‘ is having more than enough of something, often as a result of some particular accomplishment – but shouldn’t reason then dictate if you put in that hard work and put in that special effort, that one should then experience ‘achievement’ and ‘abundance’?

The journey toward achievement and abundance might seem straightforward at first glance—put in the hard work, pour your heart and soul into your efforts, and success should naturally follow. Yet, reality often paints a more complex picture. It’s not just the hard work or the effort itself that shapes our outcomes but the vibrancy of our thoughts, the clarity of our intentions, and the positivity of our beliefs that truly set the stage for the wonders we wish to unfold in our lives.

Imagine for a moment, weaving a tapestry of your dreams with threads of optimism, resilience, and a steadfast belief in the inevitability of your success. This is where the magic begins. When you align your deepest desires with a positive outlook, you create a powerful magnet for attracting opportunities, people, and situations that resonate with your aspirations. It’s about creating an inner environment where your efforts are supported by an unwavering faith in your ability to succeed, where every setback is seen as a stepping stone, and where gratitude becomes your compass.

The key, then, is not just to work hard but to work with joy, to infuse your endeavours with a sense of purpose that goes beyond mere accomplishments. It’s about celebrating every small victory, learning from every challenge, and keeping your eyes on the horizon with hope and enthusiasm. When you adopt this mindset, abundance becomes more than just a result—it becomes a way of life. You start to notice the abundance in the love of your friends and family, the beauty of the world around you, and the countless opportunities for growth and joy in everyday moments.

So, let’s shift the focus from what we’re doing to how we’re being. Let’s cultivate a mindset of abundance that cherishes each moment and sees the potential in every situation. Remember, it’s the richness of your thoughts and the warmth of your heart that truly attract the life you’ve always dreamed of. In this vibrant state of being, achievement and abundance are not just possible—they’re inevitable.

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✨ Keeping History Alive ✨

✨ Bringing Elegance Back To Life ✨

These are Bella’s guiding ideals.  She has built for herself a life of relaxed luxury – and has done so primarily by being true to herself, finding the “wonderful” in every situation, and by helping others do the same along the way.

Bella St John is a fascinating woman whose career and personal journey showcase the incredible outcomes of aligning passion with purpose, even without explicitly stating the principles she follows.

Her work spans various domains, from business development to coaching and writing, where she’s made significant strides in assisting both individuals and corporations in leveraging their strengths for greater success.

Bella’s innovative methods in leadership and mentoring, particularly in the virtual space, set her apart as a forward-thinker in her field.  Her continued engagement with the latest in technology, like Artificial Intelligence (a topic upon which she is a published author), keeps her advice sought after by leading companies worldwide.

Bella’s story is one of overcoming adversity through sheer determination and a commitment to personal growth.  Starting from challenging circumstances, including finding herself homeless as a teenager, she embarked on a self-led journey of education and self-improvement, achieving notable success.

Her varied experiences have equipped her with the skills to identify opportunities and navigate challenges effectively.  Bella’s writings (articles and books), both fictional and non-fictional, distill her extensive knowledge into clear, engaging insights.

As a “Luxurious Nomad,” Bella lives a life to which many only aspire, filled with travel, elegance, and continuous learning.  This lifestyle reflects not just her personal success but also her ongoing commitment to contribute to others’ growth.

Through her coaching, speaking, and writing, she influences and motivates others to seek abundance and fulfillment.

Bella’s approach, emphasizing the importance of understanding personal desires and emotional states, has helped many achieve their goals.

Her life and work serve as a practical guide for anyone looking to lead a purposeful and enriching life, highlighting how aligning one’s inner values and goals can naturally attract success and abundance.