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Reinventing my life…

I am no stranger to reinvention.  On more than one occasion, I have had challenges that have all meant a reinvention of my life, how I earn a living, how I physically show up in the world, how I travel, and how I, on a very fundamental level, even get from A to B.

Recently – actually very recently – I have been in a position where I have reinvented yet again…

A couple of months ago, I decided to close out all my online businesses that were generating money but not really adding ‘value’ to the world; and therefore not in alignment with who I am at my core…

I launched a new online platform to support primarily coaches and consultants, but extending to small- to medium-sized business owners.  My intention was to launch fully back into the online world – a world I have barely visited for several years – where I still have the remains of a decent-sized platform, and to use that to promote and grow the new business platform.

I also launched what was to be a new weekly online show aimed to inspire and provide uplifting and positive stories.

Then I enrolled to do a three-year MBA in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at York University (that I could do online) with additional studies at Harvard, MIT, and Babson (plus a few others) – and to complete it all in one year.  Not exactly an easy option no matter which way one looks at it – but it means that when I finally have those pieces of paper, I might have a greater chance of applying for permanent residency in the UK at some point…

My intention was to fully immerse myself into the online world again – to rebuild and reengage all my social media platforms, and to build a solid online brand from which I could promote both the business platform and the online show, as well as launch other initiatives over time.

…then on Facebook yesterday, I was on the end of such hurtful comments for saying that ‘all lives matter’, I decided to totally re-evaluate what I want in my world – and as a result to reinvent and fine-tune my life…

While I am not going to go into detail – and I am only publishing this here as a reference point to give you some context for my decision, not to start a new debate nor conversation about the topic – here is my final Facebook post:

When my comment that ‘all lives matter’ not only apparently makes me a racist and someone who doesn’t care about the ‘black lives matter’ cause, but apparently is akin to me standing up at someone else’s child’s funeral, grabbing the mic from the mother and saying all children matter… (just one of the replies below)… my goodness… There really are no words…
I think it is time for me to simply retire from this space because I very obviously don’t belong – and frankly, nor do I want to.
I do wish you all love and happiness, and I do still believe that all lives matter. ❤️


So here, written and developed for ‘me’ but happy to make public for whoever happens to read this just in case it might help, support or inspire even one other person…


  •  When I leave this holiday home in Scotland in a few weeks, I will have four cases with me and that will be my ‘life’ – everything else will be in long-term storage – and I have sold my cars here in the UK, including my beloved classic convertible Baby Jaguar
  • While I do not have a ‘home’ anywhere on the planet, my desire is to find lovely, unique, and interesting places to stay in various countries, for a couple of months at a time – places that make me smile


  • I have physical challenges, but I have put together a wonderful set of physio equipment that can travel with me


  • After the Facebook fiasco yesterday – that really was just the latest example illustrating why I feel I do not fit in this world – I will finish the existing activities I have undertaken, such as publishing the results of a survey I conducted, and then I will not be reengaging in those platforms
  • To grow the business, rather than me actively engaging in marketing and advertising myself, I will do everything in my power to support the members to enable them to grow and develop significant income streams for each of them, and that in turn will bring me residual income
  • I have also decided to produce the segments I have already recorded for the show and, to honour my guests, put them on YouTube, but not to continue with the program – I really do not want to continue to live in the online space


  • My study-load means sixteen text and reference books, not to mention notepads, folders, sticky-notes…  All of that now needs to travel the world with me (plus I always tend to travel with about six to eight of my favourite books anyway – life is not life without books…)


  • I am a geek – and I love that technology allows me to support others, do what I do, and to stay connected to those I love
  • While I would love to love and be loved, currently there is no man in my life, so I focus on being happy by myself – one day he will turn up
  • I am also a woman who is most comfortable with the manners of a time gone by…  I believe in respect, honour, and dignity.  I dress in long skirts, I write with a gold fountain pen, I send hand-written notes secured with wax and marked with my personal seal…
  • I can hold my own with the best of them in the online world – I have just made the decision today that choose not to
  • It’s all good – I just choose where to place my focus – and the online world of hatred, bigotry, and the like is not what I choose to observe, so I am simply removing myself.

Who is the ‘reinvented’ Bella?  The same one she was before, only even more attuned to her core values.